The Bond-Rite CLAMP, patented exclusively by Newson Gale, is the only static grounding clamp that provides operators with a visual reference that potentially charged equipment is connected to a verified static grounding point.

The Bond-Rite CLAMP contains a bright green LED which pulses continuously when it detects that the resistance between the equipment to be grounded and the site's verified earth ground (e.g. copper tape) is 10 ohms or less.

Once connected the Bond-Rite CLAMP continuously monitors the resistance of the circuit between the equipment and the verified ground point (e.g. wall-mounted bus bar).

The pulsing green LED provides process operators with a continuous visual reference point that enables them to monitor the ground status of equipment at risk of accumulating static electricity and discharging static sparks.

Highly visible Led housed in grounding clamp ensures operators know when low resistance connection is achieved with potentialy charged equipment.

Tungsten carbide teeth bite through product deposit build up, rust & drum coatings to ensure proper bonding connections are made.

Stainless steel clamps designed to withstand use in tough chemical processing and industrial enviroments.

Quick Connect provides personnel with the flexibility of removing the clamps from zoned / classified areas for battery replaement.

10 ohms loop resistance monitoring compliant with international Recommended Pratice*.

Junction box mounted stowage pin provides operators with location to return the clamp when the process is complete.


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