The Bond-Rite EZ is an easy to use hand-held portable static bonding device that can quickly and securely establish and verify an equipotential bond between equipment for operations conducted in EX areas.

The Bond-Rite EZ is a flexible "go anywhere" hazardous area certified static bonding device that verifies when two metal objects, that are at risk of discharging static sparks, are bonded together with a resistance of 10 ohms or less.

When the Bond-Rite EZ detects that the resistance between the equipment is 10 ohms or less the green LED pulses continuously.

Once connected the Bond-Rite EZ continuously monitors the resistance of the circuit between the bonded equipment.

The pulsing green LED provides process operators with a continuous visual reference point that enables them to monitor the bonding status of the equipment.


In addition to bonding, the Bond-Rite EZ can be used by competent electrical personnel to ground objects at risk of electrostatic charging.

In such scenarios, the competent electrical person must be sure that the grounding point, e.g. wall mounted bus-bar, has a verified connection to the general mass of the earth.

The Bond-Rite EZ houses the ground loop monitoring cicuit and a bright green LED in a rugged stainless steel enclosure.

10 ohms is the benchmark resistance specified in IEC 60079-32-1 and NFPA 77.


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