The Earth-Rite Mobile Ground Verification system (MGV) is a unique, patented technology designed to provide automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic ground connection for trucks collecting and transferring flammable / combustible products.

The Earth-Rite MGV system performs two system checks which ensures the vehicle can dessipate static charges for the duration of the transfer process. 

1. Static Ground Verification.

The MGV system ensures the connection resistance of the object that is identified as the ground sources to earth, is low enough to safely dissipate static charges from the truck.

2. Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring.

When the Static Ground Verification process is confirmed, the MGV system continuously monitors the connection resistance of the truck to this verified grounding process. This connection resistance must be maintained at 10 ohms (or less) for the duratiob of the transfer process.

Two output contacts located in the control unit of the MGV system can interlock with pumps or other control devices to prevent transfer operations  should a static ground connection fail to be established or maintained for the transfer process.

When the Static Ground Verification and Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring checks are positive, a cluster of attention grabbing green LEDs pulse continuously informing the operator that the truck is securely grounded.

The driver activates the system by simply connecting the system's grounding clamp to a site designated grounding clamp to a site designated grounding point, buried metal structure (pipes, storage tank) or temporary points like buried grounding rods.

Earth-Rite® MGV

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