The Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II us a unique static grounding systems that can monitor the simultaneous grounding of up to eight (8) individual pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks.

To ground and monitor multiple items of equipment at points like multi drum loading stations and mixing stations, IBC loading station and railcar loading gantries, a large number of conventional static grounding systems would be required to provide protection againts incendive electrostatic sparks. In addition to flammable liquid and gas operations, power processing equipment that typically includes interconnected pipes, fluid bed dryers, hoppers and micronizers would require multiple grounding systems. With the Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II up to eight individual items of potentially isolated equipment can be ground monitored simultaneously with a single static grounding system.

Each monitoring channel interfaces with it an individual volt free contact as standard. In addition to the 8 individual volt free contacts a group relay is provided so that multiple ground monitoring channels can be setup to provide a permissive / non-permissive condition to external equipment (e.g PLCs, pumps, valves, sounders). If a software or hardware error is detected by the Earth-Rite® MULTIPOINT II's self-monitoring function, it activates a fault relay ensuring the system shuts down in a fail-safe condition.

Applications include: 

► multiple raical loading points.

► multiple drum / tote loading points.

► liquid / powder mixing and bleding

► powder conveying equipment.

► fluid bed dryers.

► silo / container filing and emptying.

► hoppers and dust collectors.

► powder micronizing and pulverising equipment.


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