Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite PLUS provides to QHSE professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during railcar, skid, and IBC loading/unloading operations.

The Earth-Rite PLUS ensures that a continuously monitored 10 ohm, or less connection is present between the grounded object and a designated true earth grounding point. This feature provides equipment specifoers with the ability to demonstrate compliance with the grounding and bonding recommendations of IEC 60079-32, NFPA 77 and API RP 2003.

The green LEDs continuously pulse informing process operators that the object to be protected from static discharges is grounded. When the system is not use, or when it detects the resistance in the static grounding path is higher than 10 ohms, a red LED illuminates the indicator panel located inside the enclosure.

The Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring feature monitors the resistance of the ground loop from the grounded object through to the site's verified true earth grounding point. If the Earth-Rite PLUS detects that resistance in the ground loop is higher than 10 ohms, it engages a pair of volt free changeover contacts that can be interlocked with the product transfer system.

The primary volt free contact can be interlocked with electro-mechanical devices or PLC systems to shut down the flow of can interface with attention grabbing audible alarms or strobe light to provide an extra layer of protection over the hazard.

Earth-Rite® PLUS™

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