The OhmGuard is an intrinsically safe electrical continuity tester designed to test hoses used on vacuum truks and road tankers and prior to the tansfer or flammable or combustible products. It can also be used to test the electrical continuity of plant equipment relative to verified static grounding points.

The Ohmguard verifies that the electrical continuity of the hose is functioning correctly, thereby ensuring static electricity is not permitted to accumulate on the metal components of the hose and eliminating the risk of a fire or explosion caused by the discharge of a static sparks.

the OhmGuard is easy to operate, does not require any specialist driver training and will indicate, within seconds, if the hoses are safe to use.

The driver simply connects the OhmGuard's cable to a junction box situated on the truck and connects the OhmGuard clamp to the last hose coupling as illustrated. The green LED housed in the Ohmguard will pulse continuously if the hose has an electrical continuity of less than 100 ohms with the truk.

The OhmGuard can also be used to conduct quick test of the electrical continuity of fixed or semi-permanent plant equipment to ensureassemblies of parts, and items like hoses, have good electrical continuity with the site's verified true earth ground, thereby ensuring the presence of static dissipative circuit through the plant equipment to ground.


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